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Weight Loss Balanced

1,600 EGP

Our weight loss balanced program is designed to help you lose weight by providing calculated calories per day with well-balanced macronutrient ratios. The program is built with high-fibre, nutrient-dense foods, such as fruits, vegetables, legumes, and whole grains. Heart-healthy fats are also provided by extra virgin olive oil, and quality protein from dairy, poultry and fish is included to enrich the meals.


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Meal Plan Notes

  • Program is designed to assist with weight loss through healthy nutritionally balanced meals.
  • Meal plans include breakfast , lunch & dinner.
  • Some meal plans may include snacks depending on nutritional requirements.
  • Meal plans are available in ranges between:
    • 1200-1400 Kcal
    • 1400 – 1600 Kcal
    • 1600 – 1800 Kcal
  • Macronutrient ratios are of approximately 50% Carbs, 25% Protein, and 25% Fats.